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Robust Solutions

We strive to deliver rapid, reliable and robust IT solutions that work. Since inception we have worked with our clients to deliver solutions that optimize costs, provide operational efficiency and boost productivity gain.

Grass-root Mobile Technology

Bumble Bee Consulting provides smallholder farmers with solutions that utilize GSM mobile technology.  The goal is to ease dissemination of market information, agronomic advice and communication on emergent issues. Bumble Bee also maps smallholder farms on the global map using GPS technology with a goal of easing accessibility by stakeholders in agriculture as well as monitoring sustainable agricultural practices. 

Digital Literacy

Bumble-Bee Consulting helps in creating progressive organizations through comprehensive digital literacy training. Organizations are trained on utilizing simple tools to collect and store data in digital formats. Bumble Bee also helps in designing interactive databases from which data can be retrieved and analysed. We equip managers with requisite data management skills to enable data driven decision making.  The end goal is to create data driven organizations.

IT Infrastructure Consultancy

Bumble-Bee Consulting works collaboratively with its clients in designing robust up to date IT infrastructure that supports growth and operational efficiency. Disruptive technological innovations are constantly changing the IT landscape, Bumble-Bee Consulting helps its clients to stay relevant by designing adaptable IT infrastructure.We deliver complex projects in adherence to market standards and stipulated timelines.  


About us

Demand Driven Approach

Bumble-Bee Consulting has a unique expertise in delivering cost effective, timely, yet dependable IT solutions that integrate and meet the needs of clients. A unique feature of Bumble-Bee Consulting is our demand-driven approach to provision of IT solutions. 

We strive to promote information handling for our clients, based on the presence of a strong and proven team of technology experts.

Our Commitment

Desirable Solutions

As a Kenyan based company, Bumble-Bee has worked with many organizations that need information technology solutions to underscore its commitment to add value to organizations in East Africa through robust IT solutions that are relevant and desirable. 

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  • Digital Literacy
  • IT Consultancy
  • System Support
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