Qualities of a Good Website

Technological changes have created a dynamic online community characterized by rapidly changing buying behavior. Online shopping is approximated at 79% in the US, 73% in Europe, 41% in Asia and 28% in Kenya. These statistics necessitate an online marketing plan for any business entity  which hopes to thrive in the 21st century.

Whether it is a startup, corporate or an e-commerce website, your website is your online office.  Designing your website should be more than creating an online presence; it should be an equivalent of building your online office and giving it capacity to represent you.

Below are a few guidelines that we, at Bumble-Bee Consulting Ltd, think should be adhered to in website design.

  1. As much as possible your website should be aesthetically enhanced. This entices your client to remain engrossed to your website they fall for your next door competitor’s website. This can be achieved through a combination of the right color schemes, professional graphic design and matching web content.
  2. Ensure that your website is hosted on reliable servers to minimize outages as well as ensuring that it loads with speed.
  3. It is imperative that web key information is strategically located within the website so that visitors don’t struggle while trying to locate it.
  4. Your website should also be designed with a high degree of responsiveness to provide surfers with great convenience while using different screen sizes, mobile phones, tablets and computers.
  5. Lastly your website should be well optimized in search engines to ensure that it always ranks among the first search results for related content and phrases.

At Bumble-Bee Consulting Ltd, we design a range of websites that match our clients’ needs regardless of their industry.

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