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About us

Touching Organizations Through IT

Bumble-Bee Consulting has a unique expertise in delivering cost effective, timely, yet dependable IT solutions that integrate and meet the needs of clients. A unique feature of Bumble-Bee Consulting is our demand-driven approach to provision of IT solutions.


With a primary function of responding to the IT needs of companies and organizations, Bumble-Bee Consulting is uniquely positioned to support your organization in developing its desired IT solution.


  • We deliver our projects on time

Our hands on project management experience enables us to deliver complex IT projects in adherence to market standards and stipulated timelines.  


Grass-root Mobile Technology

Bumble Bee provides smallholder farmer groups with solutions that utilize GSM and GPS mobile technology to ease accessibility by other stakeholders as well as information flow within the value chain.

Digital Literacy

Bumble-Bee Consulting helps in creating progressive organizations through comprehensive digital literacy training. Organizations are trained on utilizing simple tools to collect, store, analyze and interpret digital data to drive decision making.

IT Infrastructure Consultancy

Bumble-Bee Consulting works collaboratively with its clients in designing robust up to date IT infrastructure that supports growth and operational efficiency. We help our clients to remain relevant amidst changing technology.

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